Do fabric steamers work?

Answer On One Hand: They Really WorkFabric steamers remove wrinkles from fabric like an iron. They are excellent for travel. Most fabric steamers only require that you pull the fabric taut or hang it agai... Read More »

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How do I use wallpaper steamers?

Preparing the SteamerPlace water in the steamer, attach the hotplate and plug it in. Wait for the steamer to heat, which may take up to a half hour.Removing the WallpaperAfter steam is being produc... Read More »

Does Rit fabric dye work on nylon?

Rit fabric dye will work on many washable natural and synthetic fabrics, including nylon. Colors may appear slightly different on nylon blend fabrics, and Rit dye will not color those blends contai... Read More »

Does fabric glue really work?

I have used fabric glue on mostly cotton fabrics, and it has worked quite well. It does not have the same strength as sewing, nor does it hold together as long, but it is a good alternative for a q... Read More »

The Best Electric Vegetable Steamers?

In today's world, the health-conscious foodie rarely has time enough to make quality, healthy meals on a daily basis. Electrical vegetable steamers are an essential tool for the time-pressed vegeta... Read More »