Do energy-saving light bulbs cause headaches?

Answer On One Hand: Some People Say Yes.According to the Daily Mail website, some groups, such as the Migraine Action Association, believe that energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs may trigger headaches ... Read More »

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How do I use energy-saving light bulbs?

Switch SlowlyReplace your incandescent bulbs as they burn out--this will not only allow you to find which eco-friendly bulbs are best for a room's lighting needs, but it also conserves resources an... Read More »

How to Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs?

Energy Saving, Energy Efficient…..there are all kinds of buzz words out there but what does it really mean? Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs are an energy saving light bulb solution for your ho... Read More »

How do I dispose of energy saving light bulbs?

Look at your energy-saving light bulb to determine its mercury content. Most energy-saving bulbs, with the exception of LEDs, contain mercury. If the bulb has green tips or green etching on the bul... Read More »

Who invented energy-saving light bulbs?

The spiral tube compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) was invented in 1976 by General Electric engineer Edward Hammer. A response to the oil crisis of 1973, his bulb didn't catch on. But as CFLs hav... Read More »