Do energy save light bulb Really Save you Money?

Answer YES with the cost of electricity now !!!!but go and buy them from ikea, which is a lot cheaper than b&q etc

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Does it save energy to turn a light off?

Turning off a light--with a fluorescent or an incandescent bulb--when leaving a room saves energy. Turning a light on or off requires a surge of energy. However, unless you are turning them on and ... Read More »

How to Save the World, Money and Energy All in One Go?

Everyone wants to save the world. Everyone wants to save money.Everyone wants to save energy. So why not do all three at once? But how? Read on to find out.

How to Save Energy (and Money) With Your Home?

A friend of mine bought a new home recently. She and her husband were so excited about their new home, until they got their utility bill. They assumed that because the house was only a few hundred ... Read More »

The Importance of Turning Off a Light to Save Energy?

The U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Savers website notes that turning off your lights can be important in terms of cost-effectiveness and energy conservation. The energy and economic savings fro... Read More »