Do emotions affect how much a person blinks?

Answer Certain emotions can cause a person to blink much more rapidly than usual. Emotions such as fear and nervousness are likely to increase eye blinking as a way to clear the image in order to maintain... Read More »

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Is it bad if a person blinks a lot?

Well I assume so because you blink to get rid of all the dust and particles out of your eyeball so it may mean you have an increasing amount of dust and particles in your eyes try to drink loads of... Read More »

How Do Makeovers Affect Emotions?

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My computer monitor blinks so i bought new one but that also blinks.what to do?

more likely it's the graphics card than the cpu, motherboard or cpu,. maybe even the power source, but i'd start w/ the gpu, it's the weakest link in most systems.

If a person with only one eye blinks, is it still a blink, or is it just a wink?

a wink is a planned blink, a blink is done subconsciously to wet the eyeball