Do electronic water conditioners work?

Answer On One Hand: They May Limit ScaleThere are many anecdotal reports of magnetic and electronic water conditioners limiting scale buildup over time, too many to dismiss. In 2001, the Water Quality Ass... Read More »

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Do air conditioners need incoming water?

Evaporative coolers—also know as “swamp coolers”—require a water source to cool the air. The unit contains permeable pads that when saturated, blow outside air through the pads, creating an... Read More »

Why do air conditioners leak water?

It's an all too familiar sight: water leaking from your air conditioning unit, drenching everything in the vicinity. Leakage can be caused by various problems.MaintenanceTo prevent leakage, your ai... Read More »

Homemade Laundry Water Conditioners?

Magnesium and calcium are the main minerals that add to the hardness of water in a washing machine cycle. The more mineral concentration there is, the harder the water will become. Soft water is a ... Read More »

How Do Air Conditioners With Humidistat Work?

Air conditioners with a humidistat have helped to put an end to many hot and humid days for millions of homeowners. By pumping cool, filtered air into a hot home, air conditioners with a humidistat... Read More »