Do electronic rodent repellers really work?

Answer On One Hand: Ultrasonic Noise Can Frighten PestsHearing is an important tool for the survival of any rodent, and any unfamiliar noise--even one outside of normal human hearing range--can signal a p... Read More »

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Are electronic pest repellers safe for my pets?

Electronic pest repellers use ultrasonic frequencies to repel insects and rodents. Whether your pet will be bothered by the device depends on the pet. Fish and reptiles will likely not have a probl... Read More »

Do electronic pest controllers really work?

On One Hand: They Do Not Repel Pests.Electronic pest repellents claim to emit ultrasonic energy or an electromagnetic field that repels pests of all kinds. There is no scientific evidence that thes... Read More »

Do ultrasonic pest repellers work?

On One Hand: They Do Not WorkUltrasonic pest repellers are supposed to repel pests by high-pitched sound. Unfortunately these devices do not work in repelling pests, according to Read More »

Do sonic mole repellers work?

I've read that researchers conclude ultrasonic devices do not work.I do have personal experience with sonic devices however. Sonic devices send out a chatter that mimics a rodents distress call. Th... Read More »