Do electronic cigarette help you stop smoking?

Answer I don't think so as everybody I've talked to about them seem to be more interested in E cigarettes as a cleaner and healthier nicotine delivery system than a way to quit.

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Is an electronic cigarette like smoking?

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered gadgets that look like a real cigarette and give the user nicotine, minus the harmful tar and other dangerous chemicals in a normal cigarette. However, lit... Read More »

Has anyone used an electronic cigarette to quit smoking?

I tried, I found an e cig that I like and used it for a couple of weeks without smoking "real" cigs but eventually I went back to them. I use both now, I smoke a lot less of the real ones but still... Read More »

HELP! With Electronic Cigarette Nicolite!?

As far as I know you can smoke them like real cigarettes especially at the beginning when you are making the transition from the real ones. I also have one that I use on the days I work to avoid sm... Read More »

Does smoking one cigarette a day affect you as much as smoking like 2 packs a day?