Do electric fireplaces look real?

Answer On One Hand: They Can Look RealElectrical fireplaces use light bulbs to mimic the look and intensity of real flames. Newer models use LED bulbs that look more realistic than traditional bulbs used ... Read More »

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Fuel Gel Fireplaces Compared to Electric Fireplaces?

Fuel gel fireplaces and electric fireplaces are both alternatives to the more common gas-powered fireplaces. They both use cleaner sources of energy to provide heat to homes, and they are both rela... Read More »

Are gas fireplaces more efficient than electric fireplaces?

On One Hand: Electric Fireplaces Are Very EfficientElectric fireplaces are extremely efficient, converting more than 90 percent of their energy to heating. Unfortunately, electric fireplaces can't ... Read More »

Are electric fireplaces safe?

On One Hand: An Element of RiskElectric fireplaces are safe. They are UL-rated for safety and there are no real flames, according to home improvement website The simulated flames and f... Read More »

Are electric fireplaces cheap in the us?

On One Hand: You Can Get a Cheap OneElectrical fireplaces are not a new technology in the U.S., so the prices have fallen on the lower end models. You can find a small one without a great deal of o... Read More »