Do electric clothes dryers have thermostats?

Answer Just like gas-powered clothes dryers, electric clothes dryers may use either a thermostat or a moisture sensor. According to Consumer Reports, thermostats typically are found in the most basic, che... Read More »

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Is it OK to use both a gas and electric clothes dryers in the same home if both connections are available?

Answer Both are only an appliance. Neither knows anything about the presence of the other. They won't get jealous or have some kind of fight during the middle of the night. Why not if you feel that... Read More »

How do I prevent fire hazards with electric clothes dryers?

Lint FilterRemove and clean the lint filter after every use. The exhaust pipe and vent should also be checked for excessive lint buildup. Do not place combustible materials into the dryer.Flammable... Read More »

Do all electric ovens cooktops ranges and clothes dryers operate on 208v as well as 240v?

No, use only the voltage for the appliance that your utility system is supplying to your residence. If your system is 208 volts use 208 volt appliances. Likewise if the utility system is 240 volts ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the Water Heater Electric Thermostats?

The water temperature inside your water heater is controlled by one or two thermostats, depending on the size and the manufacturer. Once the water temperature inside the tank falls below the thermo... Read More »