Do electric blankets cause health problems?

Answer Scientists do not agree on whether or not the electromagnetic field produced by electric blankets is harmful. Common sense is needed when using an electric blanket. Don't turn it up too high and do... Read More »

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Can you get electrocuted by electric blankets?

You can get electrocuted by an electric blanket if it has exposed wires, something that can happen if your blanket gets heavy use. Inspect the blanket regularly and replace it if you find any bare ... Read More »

Are electric blankets unhealthy?

On One Hand: Some Risk Still InvolvedAlthough no actual health threats are present when using an electric blanket, it can be dangerous because it can catch fire or burn anyone using it for warmth, ... Read More »

Are electric blankets harmful?

On One Hand: Safe if Used CorrectlyAccording to the Fire and Rescue Department of Fairfax County, Virginia, electric blankets are safe. The trouble starts if they are misused. For example, you must... Read More »

Are electric blankets safe to use?

On One Hand: Electric blankets are saferElectric blankets are safer to use than other heating products, including space heaters, according to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Services. Electric blank... Read More »