Do electric blankets cause health problems?

Answer Scientists do not agree on whether or not the electromagnetic field produced by electric blankets is harmful. Common sense is needed when using an electric blanket. Don't turn it up too high and do... Read More »

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Can electric blankets cause cancer?

According to the National Cancer Institute, there is no research on cancer and the magnetic field exposure caused by consumer appliances such as electric blankets that supports a link between the t... Read More »

Can watching tv cause health problems?

On One Hand: Could Lead to Poor Diet HabitsAccording to the University of Michigan, spending too much time in front a TV can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and obesity--especially if you watch more ... Read More »

Do MREs cause constipation and other health problems?

No, and a lot of what's said about MREs is urban legend (such as the gum being formulated to plug up the old rectum). Health problems... if you eat them habitually, they'll fatten you up rather qui... Read More »

What dog health problems cause poop eating?

Coprophagia is the medical term used to describe a dog that eats feces. Behavioral issues aside, there are a number of health problems that cause poop eating in dogs.ScopeBy definition, coprophagia... Read More »