Do eighth graders wear makeup?

Answer Hi im an actual soon to be 8 grader and yes we do most of us wear foundation macara and lip gloss and eye liner and on special occations we wear eyeshawdo Here are some of my fav brands to look for... Read More »

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Is this too much makeup for an eighth grader to wear?

No its perfect! But if you dont NEED the bb cream dont use but if you need to cover things up keep it :)

How much makeup should an eighth grader wear?

I started 8th grade this year, and it's my first time with makeup also, anyway, I just do cover up, blush, eye shadow, and mascara. All of these I do really lightly so it's not terribly noticeable,... Read More »

How to Be Cool (for Eighth Graders)?

You see all those supposedly "cool" people walking down the halls with their posse! You want to be just like them, right? Wrong! Being cool isn't about having the hottest clothes or having the cute... Read More »

How to Prepare Eighth Graders for the OAT?

Ohio's Achievement Tests (OAT) evaluate students in grades three through eight to determine whether or not they are moving toward meeting state educational standards. Eighth graders in Ohio are tes... Read More »