Do earplugs cause damage while sleeping?

Answer On One Hand: Get the Right Kind and You're FineEar plugs are made for different uses. As long as you choose the type of ear plugs that are designed to be used during sleep, then you'll not have to ... Read More »

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Good Earplugs for Sleeping?

Whether you're sleeping with someone who snores all night or living in a college dorm where deafening music is the norm, you need a good pair of earplugs to get you through the nights. One third of... Read More »

Why Does Ultraviolet Light Cause Chemical Damage to Your Skin While Infrared Light Does Not?

Energy travels through space in the form of waves called electromagnetic radiation. Types of electromagnetic radiation include gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared rays, mi... Read More »

Do salt water pools cause excessive corrosion to pool equipment and cause damage to plaster pools?

Answer YES! Salt water DEFINITELY causes corrosion in your swimming pool. I am a 25 year pool professional and I have seen first hand what salt does to gunite pools. It will eat you pool equipment,... Read More »

Can sleeping tablets cause paranoia?

4 YEARS!!! Thats way to long i hope its not daily that you take them daily. Im not sure about it causing paranoia as well as anxiety but i do believe withdrawal symptoms can be that. I suggests tha... Read More »