Do dr. miracle's hair products work?

Answer On One Hand: Dr. Miracle Helps with Hair BreakageDr. Miracle products, like the Intensive Spot Serum, are used to keep the hair from breaking and to strengthen the hair shaft. The products are idea... Read More »

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How do hair loss products work?

Hair loss products work in several different ways. Some seek to address the problem at a chemical level, some involve surgical intervention and some rely solely on camouflage.Chemical SolutionsFina... Read More »

Do Samy Fat hair products work?

On One Hand: Adds ThicknessSamy Fat hair care products are beneficial in adding volume and thickness to hair. The line includes several thickening products such as mousse, gel, spray, pomade, serum... Read More »

Do hair thinning products work?

On One Hand: Some Products May Be EffectiveHair loss (alopecia) can occur for many reasons. Although many hair loss products exist, Rogaine and Propecia are the only two FDA-approved treatments for... Read More »

Do Ovation hair products work?

On One Hand: Guaranteed by CompanyOvation sells a line of hair care products that both speed along and strengthen hair growth. The company guarantees its results 100 percent.On the Other: Poor Cust... Read More »