Do dogs remember siblings from their litter?

Answer Try to be interested in their hobbies. See what you have in common and if you don't, spend some time doing what each family member likes to do the most.

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What happens when dogs from the same litter mate?

Breeding dogs and predicting the outcome takes quite a bit of research and knowledge. Occasionally siblings, and even littermates, may breed with both intended and unintended consequences.TypesTher... Read More »

How do I keep my neighbor's cats from using my vegetable garden as their litter box?

Oh free fertilizer...Here are some links;…We love our next-door neighbor, but I think she’s trying to tell us something: she put moth balls all along the... Read More »

What type of plant can I use to stop my neighbor's cats from using my flower beds as their litter box?

Felines DETEST citrus scents and products..a few orange peels and limes,lemons etcetera scattered about the area will prevent this or repel it to a calmer situation..also the peels are organic, no ... Read More »

Does anyone remember litter targets on the side of the road in the Northern Territory?

I haven't been to the NT yet. But I want one of those targets next to my kitchen bin.