Do dogs need help giving birth?

Answer Nope. Dogs don't need any help.

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Why do women need help when giving birth?

because they need some pressure getting the baby out of them

Dogs giving birth?

Answer Yes dogs can have babies because they have sex in their way just like we have sex in our way.yuck!but is true

How long do dogs bleed after giving birth to a litter?

They don't bleed. This happens with humans too. When the baby develops, there is blood, mucus, and other bodily fluids floating around the womb. When the baby or litter is born, the liquid is all o... Read More »

Why do you need hot water when giving birth?

its not a need its just an option. when i had contractions (before the birth) i felt that it helped to take away a bit of the pain and my back wasn't sore. its only a mild form of pain relief.ANS2:... Read More »