What is the cleanest railway station in the world?

Answer This is impossible to answer without having visited every railway station in the world. Personally, I have never seen a cleaner station than Perth Central in Western Australia.

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For the past 3 days the corner of my mouths are sore and and I have red sores on my tongue what is it?

lack of B vitamins. Take a double dose of comple B vitamins today, and a regular dose everyday for a couple of weeks. This will clear up really fast. Don't be a vegetarian.

K i have bean haveing my pirod on and off for the last to mouths do you know what is rong with me?

Grilled Hot Dogs Boiled Hot Dogs Steamed Hot Dogs Or Fried hot Dogs Which do you like better ?

I like hot dogs fixed on the grill the best, but that usually happens in the summer. I can just have boiled hot dogs until then. (lol)

How many species of dogs are there in the world?

There is only one species of dog on the planet, Canis familiaris, which all breeds--both wild and domestic--fall under. The species is defined by their ability to mate and produce viable offspring.... Read More »