Do dogs have milk teeth?

Answer According to Colorado State University, mammals have two sets of teeth: the milk teeth, also known as baby or deciduous, and a permanent set. Since dogs are mammals, they have milk teeth.Source:Co... Read More »

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Why deciduous teeth are called milk teeth?

because they r more white as compared to their permanent counter parts

What milk can dogs drink?

none... except dogs milk. do NOT give them any other kind.

Is Milk ok after you brush your teeth?

It's bad for your teeth.There are two ways to get cavities: bacteria and acids. Sugars are acidic compounds, and milk contains a sugar known as lactose. I mean, it's not as bad as drinking a soda... Read More »

What is the effect of milk on teeth?

Answer i am an expert because I'm doing this for my science major milk it does actually rot teeth because milk has lactose and that is one of the main sugars i rots it nearly as much as coke. but i... Read More »