Long-Term Consequences of Giardia in Dogs?

Answer Giardia is an infestation of single-celled organisms in the intestines of a canine. There are many things that veterinarians still do not know about giardia; no medication has been shown to be 100 ... Read More »

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You live in Ontario and have been on short term disability am now having to apply for long term you were wondering if there is a way for you to get your vacation pay?

You have been on short term disability for 6 mos and now you are applying for long term disability can you be fired?

Does Kesha have short term memory loss?

Yes, she does. She "wakes up in the mornin feeling like P. Diddy," and doesn't remember that he is actually in her room, thus proving that Ke$ha has short-term memory loss.

Is alcoholism a mental illness that would be entitled to long term disability if the person needs long term rehab treatment?

The answer in most cases will be "NO". Most long-term cae policies will not cover treatment for alcoholism. Here is the discalimer in one policy, "No payment will be made for the treatment of alcoh... Read More »