Different Types of Chihuahua Dogs?

Answer The tiny, spunky chihuahua grew in popularity as purse dogs. While breeders will market teacup or mini chihuahuas, these are not actual types of chihuahuas, which should be under six pounds full gr... Read More »

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What Are the Different Types of Shedding Tools for Dogs?

Most dogs shed, and some dogs shed more than their share. Owners of such dogs must take measures to keep their dogs' dead coat under control, unless they wish to live with piles of hair in their en... Read More »

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It flags you to what they have or offer. Diner= home cooking,50-60's food.Bistro= urban foodCafe= coffee/desserts

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Yeah that sounds a good amount , a daily allowence is like a handfull of nuts which sounds like what you have just said :)

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