Low Blood Glucose in Dogs?

Answer Low blood glucose levels in dogs can be a very serious medical condition. It is important to recognize the symptoms and risk factors for hypoglycemia in order to provide immediate intervention and ... Read More »

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Blood Tumors in Dogs?

Canine hemangiosarcoma (HSA) is a common, incurable blood tumor. It is a highly malignant, soft-tissue cancer of the cells that normally form blood vessels. According to the National Canine Cancer ... Read More »

Blood Diseases in Dogs?

Blood diseases in dogs can be scary, frightening and quite dangerous. Most blood diseases can affect any dog, regardless of its breed, gender or age. Fortunately, most are manageable. If you suspec... Read More »

Bugs That Drink Blood From Dogs?

Many insects evolved to drink the blood of many animals, including dogs. These bugs or ectoparasites include fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and sucking lice. Some insects will also drink blood of people ... Read More »

What is high blood pressure in dogs?

According to the Mar Vista Animal Medical Center and PetMD , a dog's blood pressure should not exceed 160/95. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can be as dangerous for dogs as it is for humans.... Read More »