Why do humans have two ears?

Answer The creatures from which humans evolved developed two ears, one on each side of the head. There are distinct evolutionary advantages to having two ears, and these advantages contribute to the survi... Read More »

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Can humans get parasites in their ears?

On One Hand: Animal ParasitesHumans don't typically get parasites in their ears, but animals infected with mites sometimes transfer the parasites to humans, according to BirdMites.Org. Bird mites, ... Read More »

Can humans get red mange from dogs?

According to Pet's Best Rx, humans can only get two types of mange. These are sarcoptic mange and notoedric mange. Domodectic mange is commonly called red mange when it affects pets, but humans are... Read More »

Can dogs get pinkeye from humans?

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) will not usually be transmitted between dogs and humans. The disease can be caused by bacterial infection, irritation, or a foreign object in the animal's eye. Of these, o... Read More »

Can humans get lice from dogs?

On One Hand: Lice are Species-SpecificAlthough dogs can get lice, they are not the same kind that humans get, or even the same kind that other animals, such as cats, get, according to Dog Breed Inf... Read More »