Do dog barking collars really work?

Answer On One Hand: They are Effective Training ToolsDog barking collars work by delivering a correction either through a small shock, an irritating sound or the release of a startling and unpleasant spra... Read More »

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Are barking collars dangerous for dogs?

On One Hand: Proper Training TechniquesElectronic dog collars should be used simultaneously with a professional dog trainer. Owners who invest in more expensive collars with control features in con... Read More »

How to Control Barking With Remote Collars?

Dogs can bark for many reasons. Some dogs bark out of loneliness while others bark out or boredom. Unnecessary barking can become a nuisance to dog owners and their neighbors. Dog owners can limit ... Read More »

How well do shock collars work?

On One Hand: Recognize BenefitsShock collars are proven to be useful when needed to curb the barking of a dog. Shock collars are available in different varieties, but static electricity collars are... Read More »

Do flea collars work?

On One Hand: Yes, Flea Collars WorkAccording to, flea collars work by continually releasing flea repelling chemicals over your pet's coat and skin for a specified period of time... Read More »