Do doctors really spank babies right after they are born?

Answer Not anymore. The possible dangers from the slap on their fragile forms far outweigh any benefits. Instead, they suction the mouths and the babies start breathing soon as the airway is clear.-actual... Read More »

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What is the thing called that babies are put in when they are born before they are supposed to be?

Why do babies cry when they born?

Because they need to catch their breath from being inside of fluids for 9 months, and if your baby doesn't cry well..... i suggest u pray because it means your baby is not breathing.

Why do babies cry when they are born?

Answer They cry to clear their lungs of amniotic fluid Answer It is because their respiration (breathing system) begins to work and crying allows the baby to quickly get oxygen into his/her lungs. ... Read More »

Are all babies colorblind right when they're just born?

when they are born, they are colorblind. At about a month old until 3 months old they can only see 30 feet away. their eyes start adjusting to color at about 4 weeksThe first color a baby can see i... Read More »