Do doctors genuinely care about their patients?

Answer As a nurse I care about mine and all the doctors I have worked with do too.

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Are doctors biased against patients with lung cancer?

On One Hand: Stigma of DiagnosisPeople sometimes regard lung cancer as a self-inflicted disease because of its relation to smoking. Lung cancer is one of a few medical conditions that is related to... Read More »

Why do doctors tell the family of terminally ill patients,'She has a week to live.'?

Because predicting death is not an exact science, and they do not want to accidentally give false hope.

How do doctors, other healthcare workers deal with noncompliant patients?

Hi there. Having non-compliant patients is very frustrating but the only thing your friend can take on board is the fact that if she is going to switch to a medical career - which is hard work, lo... Read More »

Why do American doctors seem so eager to take patients into surgery and start cutting away?

It is a domino effect: Go to doctor...get a diagnosis after expensive blood tests and different sorted x-rays, scans...(X-ray techs/radiologists) etc...while taking some "let's try this pill or re... Read More »