Do direct tv has more channels than dish network?

Answer channel 241

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Which has the most channels dish network or direct tv?

Here are the codes associated with your Samsung TV: 738, 680, 833, 516, 666, 369, 738, or 667. Here are the steps to program the remote to your TV. Address Remote to TV/Other Devices While at the... Read More »

What channels are the music channels on dish network?

The music channels offered to customers with DISH Network consist of the following, DISH MUSIC on channels 923-946, the CD Music channels which are 950- 981, or the Sirius music which can be found ... Read More »

Which channels are the shopping channels on Dish Network?

There are quite a few shopping channels available on Dish Network; it depends on your particular package on the channels that you receive, however. A couple shopping channels on Dish Network are: Q... Read More »

Can you get Dish Network channels on a Bell ExpressVu dish with a Free to Air receiver?

No. It still comes on adult swim (cartoon network) on staturdays after 12 pm.