Do digital cameras lose photo quality over time?

Answer The auto-focus mechanism may not be working quite right. Take it into a local repair station and see if they can help you. You may find it less expensive to purchase a newer camera with many more... Read More »

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Note 2 photo quality lower over time?

You fixed the problem and I am thrilled for you, but it terrifies me that you are keeping all your precious photos on a TELEPHONE for months on end without backing them up.You are begging for heart... Read More »

Any good quality cheap digital cameras?

Walmart has some cheap digital cameras for 60-100 bucks, and that's all I've ever bought in my life and they work perfect.

How to Improve Digital Photo Quality in Photoshop?

A 1966 'Vette.Have you ever wanted to improve the quality of a photo? Maybe you took it with a disposable camera and scanned. Or, maybe you took it with a digital camera, but it still doesn't look ... Read More »

Which is the best brand in digital photo cameras?

You didn't specify your budget or your photographic abilities or interests, which leads me to believe that you are new to digital photography. Please forgive me making the assumption that you are ... Read More »