Do different lights affect different plants?

Answer Answer Light color does influence plant growth in several ways. However, it is difficult for students to compare plant growth under different colored lights because expensive equipment is require... Read More »

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Do color lights affect plants?

On One Hand: Plants Preferentially Absorb Certain WavelengthsThe chlorophyll and other pigments in plants do absorb some light frequencies better than others. Typically, plants absorb light mostly ... Read More »

Does sleeping with the lights on or with dimmed lights would affect my vision?

It is best to sleep with the lights off. It is not a vision issue, but a hormone issue. Brain hormones adjust to light and effect sleep. If you sleep on your back though it might be better for your... Read More »

Are grow lights better for plants than fluorescent lights?

On One Hand: Fluorescents Can Be Used as Grow LightsFluorescent lights come in many types. Full-spectrum fluorescent lights are relatively inexpensive and easy to find and use. A full-spectrum fl... Read More »

Do artificial lights affect plant growth?

Artificial lights affect plant growth. They can be used to supply what a plant needs if it does not receive enough sunlight. Fluorescent bulbs are useful for starting seedlings because they supply ... Read More »