Do diets affect your body?

Answer On One Hand: Health BenefitsAccording to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 1 billion people worldwide are overweight and 300 million people are classified as obese. As the number of overwei... Read More »

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Whats with "alkaline diets" People talking about keeping your body in an alkaline state for health?

It's all bull to fool and rip off uncritical thinkers. You passed the test!

How does ph affect your body?

In order to maintain physiological balance, or homeostasis, the body must have a balance of acidic and alkaline molecules. Degrees of acidity or alkalinity are expressed in terms of their pH. Essen... Read More »

How does steroids affect the body?

Anabolic steroids are taken to increase muscle size and strength. The large doses necessary have many side effects. These include: Liver cancer, kidney damage, increased risk of heart disease, stun... Read More »

How do energy drinks affect the body?

If you have a busy work or school schedule, you've probably stopped by your local convenience store to pick up a pack of energy drinks. These drinks may give you a boost for a while, but do you rea... Read More »