Do diet aids like Trimspa and Dexatrim really work?

Answer On One Hand: Diet Pill DangersBecause diet pills aren't subjected to the rigors of Food and Drug Administration approval, consumers should proceed with caution. Over the years, diet pills have been... Read More »

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Does dexatrim max really work?

On One Hand: Trusted Company in the Diet IndustryDexatrim is a company that is trusted in the health and diet field and they have been for decades. Their product Dexatrim Max contains ingredients s... Read More »

Is TRIMSPA X32 bad for you?

On One Hand: Natural Decline in HungerTRIMSPA X32 Rapid Release boasts a "clinically proven formulation" of ingredients that stave off hunger, including hoodia, an all-natural appetite suppressant.... Read More »

TrimSpa X32 Dangers?

The TrimSpa X32 is a weight-loss dietary supplement whose primary ingredient is a derivative of the Hoodia Gordonii bush native only to the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa. The milky substance i... Read More »

Can you buy TrimSpa anymore?

Sale of the original TrimSpa formulation containing ephedra was discontinued following the FDA ban on supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids (ephedra). The manufacturer is now marketing a new f... Read More »