Do detox foot spas work?

Answer On One Hand: Water Color ChangesDetox foot spas allegedly work through small electrical currents in salt water to detoxify the body; the water then changes colors as alleged proof of detox. Accordi... Read More »

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Does a detox foot bath really work?

On One Hand: Foot Bath Providers Cite Bodily Detoxification.Companies such as Bionic Hydrotherapy claim that customers who use a detox foot bath can "eliminate toxins safely and efficiently." Ions ... Read More »

Does the bioenergiser foot detox spa work?

On One Hand: There is No EvidenceThe company claims that the spa uses ionic energy and salts to draw out toxins and heavy metals through the pores in the feet. However, there is no scientific evide... Read More »

Do the foot detox patches really work?

My personal belief is that this is a scam and I base my conclusion on;1-google2-wikipediaWhen you search any of the following words on google, (kinoki, takara, body pure, detoxion, foot detox patch... Read More »

How Do Detox Foot Baths Work?

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