Do dentists know if you smoke by looking at your teeth?

Answer i went today and my dentist did, and she knew i had been drinking more coffee or tea recently too!

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Can dentists tell if you smoke?

Definitely.Six ways:--yellow teeth--smoker's breath--inflamed gums--gums that bleed easily--slowly-healing dental surgery sites--increased phlegm and mucus

Can dentists tell you smoke weed.?

Smoking (anything) can stain your teeth, but unless you do it right before, he shouldn't be able to ascertain what it was you have been smoking.

How would the dentists take out my wisdom teeth?

For wisdom teeth, the normal way is full anesthesia, especially when they don't have a tooth above the gumline to "grab". You'll probably be "under" for an hour or so, then sleepy and "out of it"... Read More »

Do you clean your teeth before going to the Dentists?

Definitely! I can't think of a less appealing profession - yeuk!