Why do dentists have the highest suicide rate?

Answer This is one of those dodgy things that "everybody knows." And not just the uninformed public, either--dentists themselves believe it. Since the 1960s dental journals have been carrying articles wit... Read More »

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Is the suicide rate higher for adoptees ?

I know of one, too.I also know of two adopted men in their 40s that are in prison for life.Almost every adopted male I have ever known (and it's probably a couple hundred) either has drug/alcohol p... Read More »

What is the highest income tax rate?

The highest federal income tax rate is 35 percent for individuals or married couples filing jointly who earn $373,650 or over. State taxes are on top of the federal tax. Hawaii and Oregon have the ... Read More »

What was the highest U.S. unemployment rate?

The record high unemployment rate in the United States was around 25 percent in August 1932 in the midst of the Great Depression. It did not fall below 10 percent again until February 1941.Referenc... Read More »

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