Do dentist suppose to file your teeth ?

Answer They did that when I got my braces off. I'm sure he/she had a reason. If your not satisfied with his work I'm sure you can call and make another appoinent to fix it. They might even do it for free.

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Are you suppose to floss your teeth before or after brushing?

Floss before, so you can brush all that nasty tasting plaque and food away!

How do you pop one of your teeth out without going to the dentist?

Answer I am a dentist. Please, for the sake of your health, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS!! I have seen patients that have come into my office with whiskey on their breath (to make the pain more bear... Read More »

Dentist: Baby teeth, help?

i still have some baby teeth, i am 37 and a couple of years ago two fell out and the adult ones came down. you should wait for nature to take it's course. if they are blooming under the gum it may ... Read More »

How do you pull teeth out without going to see a dentist?