Do deer eat meat or plants?

Answer Deer rely exclusively on a steady diet of plants. As such, deer are considered herbivores; they do not eat meat. Deer may eat several different parts of a plant, a specific plant or a combination o... Read More »

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Frog legs Deer Meat Or Alligator Meat Which would you want to try?

I've eaten Venison *deer* and Bear, but not Frogs legs or Alligator. I think I'd want to try Alligator, Frogs legs would be too small for me, I'd probably have to eat alot to get a taste for them.E... Read More »

Is deer&elk meat considered a red meat?

Yes. The Canadian Cervid Alliance boasts that deer and elk meat is the new red meat in that is naturally lean and healthy. Though these delicacies were previously reserved for European royalty, the... Read More »

Is deer&elk meat considered red meat?

Both deer meat and elk meat are considered red meat. Deer meat is sometimes referred to as venison. In addition to obtaining deer and elk meat from hunting, deer and elk are also raised on ranches ... Read More »

How much meat is on a 195 lb. deer?

A deer weighing 195 pounds will yield 85.5 pounds of edible meat. The following weight formula can be used on any deer: live weight (195) X 78 percent = field dressed weight (152) X 75 percent = ha... Read More »