Do debt consolidation companies really work?

Answer On One Hand: The Theory Is GoodDebt consolidation companies can work. The theory is that by knocking the interest rate down and lumping all the old debts together, the extra money saved from a lowe... Read More »

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Do debt consolidation companies work and what do they do specifically?

On One Hand: Using a Debt ConsolidatorDebt consolidators are an expensive convenience. They consolidate your debts into one lower payment, but often they raise your interest rate or include a fee t... Read More »

Approved Debt Consolidation Companies?

The U.S. Trustee Program (USTP) oversees the administration of bankruptcy cases and is a part of the Department of Justice. While its main function is to prevent abuse of the bankruptcy system, the... Read More »

Does debt consolidation work?

On One Hand: It Can WorkConsumers can use home-equity loans, cash-out refinancing, car refinancing or personal loans to consolidate their debts. Homeowners can use equity as collateral for a low-in... Read More »

Does debt consolidation really work and where do I start?

On One Hand: Consolidation PurposeThe purpose of debt consolidation is to reduce or eliminate debt. If you have poor credit, you may not qualify for a lower-interest unsecured loan. You can hire sp... Read More »