Do damp mold&mildew trigger a sinus infection?

Answer On One Hand: Viral Infection is More CommonSinus infection, also called sinusitis, occurs when the nasal passages become inflamed. This swelling prevents mucus from draining properly and it builds ... Read More »

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Sinus infection?

Yes it can. Also, a person with sinus infection will have tender areas on the cheekbones below the eyes and also above eyebrows. There may be also a yellow/green discharge from the nose.

How to Clear a Sinus Infection?

A sinus infection can be serious and even lethal. The sinuses produce mucus that serve various functions mainly filtering inhaled air. The sinuses are cavities in the head, around the eyes that may... Read More »

How to Use Aromatherapy for Sinus Infection?

Instead of running to the store or the doctor for an answer to your sinus woes, try to heal sinus infections with essential oils. Since every body is unique, the therapy that works best for one per... Read More »

Is this a sinus infection?

Yes, these are symptoms of a sinus infection. Go to a doctor & have him prescribe Augmenton to you to cure the infection. Left alone, sinusitis can cause lots of problems.