Do d-slr's have stock lives?

Answer Charge the Li-ion batteries from time to time. The worse thing you can do is to let them completely discharge.That said, it is silly to let the D300 sit, when you can do all your learning on it an... Read More »

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How does th Nikon 1 V1 compare to other SLRs?

The Nikon 1 isn't a D-SLR. It's a EVIL camera. Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens. In my opinion it's not a good buy. It doesn't have a viewfinder that you can look through, nor a hot sh... Read More »

What are the Technical differences in Digital SLRs?

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What's the best way to start learning about Digital SLRs?

Here's a good starter about the technology:'s a good intro to purchasing digital SLRs:…And this is a great re... Read More »

Could the lenses used on film SLR cameras be used on digital SLRs too?

Most newer auto focus lenses will fit onto the newer digital SLR bodies.Pentax and Nikon DSLRs will accommodate just about any lens ever made for their film predecessors.They will not use all the a... Read More »