Do custom boot screens slow down your overall boot time.?

Answer If you mean the "splash" screen image that is used during the boot up process, then the answer is: NO, there is no slow down. That is because it is nothing more than a raster image (bitmap), and i... Read More »

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Does an icon on windows desktop slow down boot time?

On One Hand: They do use resourcesEverything your computer does at boot-up takes up resources and increases the time it takes to boot your machine. This includes your operating system, startup prog... Read More »

If I boot windows on an sdd is anything else sped up besides just the boot time?

The short answer is yes. Anything that requires accessing the disk will be faster. Everything is stored on your disk so it will be copied in to ram faster from a SSD.

My computer is slow boot, shut down, and pull up files. I have Windows XP home addition. Is there a fix?

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