Do cruise ship packages come with food included?

Answer According to, all cruise lines include meals in the price of a cruise. Some cruise lines offer alternative dining plans for an extra price. Alcoholic beverages, airfare and excurs... Read More »

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Can you take food aboard a cruise ship?

Although the rules may vary among the different cruise lines, bringing food on board the cruise ship is usually acceptable, unless the food is being brought on board from a country that raises heal... Read More »

How Come hotdog buns come in packages of 6 and hot dogs come in packages of 8?

The bun makers know that you want to eat a few of the hot dogs without a bun. They leave out two of the buns as a service to the consumer.

Why does a dance host on a cruise ship have to sign a waiver releasing the agent and cruise company from liability and does his travel insurance cover him and what happens if the ship sinks?

The waiver pertains to liability of injury while dancing. Dancing on a stage is dangerous because of lighting conditions, and cruise ship stages are especially dangerous because of the added motion... Read More »

How do i ship packages to mexico?

U.S. Postal ServiceWrite the address correctly on the package and include the Mexican municipality and postal code. Otherwise, the delivery could take months or be completely lost. Take the letter ... Read More »