Do creasote fireplace logs work?

Answer On One Hand: Creosote Logs Are Safe for Home UseThe Chimney Safety Institute of America accepts and certifies creosote sweeping fireplace logs when used in the home as part of a comprehensive chimn... Read More »

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Do creosote cleaning logs for the fireplace work?

On One Hand: Reduces Chimney Build-upCreosote logs, also known as chimney sweeping logs, allow you to go longer between chimney-sweepings. The logs include a chemical that reacts to the creosote in... Read More »

How do I replace gas fireplace logs?

Remove the Old Log SetShut off the gas to the fireplace, and remove the artificial logs. Take out the grate, and remove the old gas line and the old burner. Clean out the firebox.New Installation a... Read More »

Can you use gas logs in a painted brick fireplace?

As long as there is no paint applied inside the firebox, you can paint any brick fireplace. Fireplace paint is available for this popular option when modernizing an old home's interior décor. Ne... Read More »

How do I make paper logs for a fireplace?

Stack the PapersOpen and stack 10 sheets of newspaper in a pile on a flat work surface. Fold the stack in half to create a thick rectangle of paper, lining up and matching the longest edges. Make t... Read More »