Do fluorescent light bulbs have mercury in them?

Answer Yes. According to the Department of Energy, fluorescent bulbs do contain an average of 4 mg of mercury, though some manufacturers reduce that amount to as little as 1.4 mg per bulb. The element is ... Read More »

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I have many old printers. Do they have value to anyone Must I dump them Can't I give them to someone?

Donate them to a school or Good will and get a tax write off, it willb e more than selling them

I have glasses and I hate them how do I improve my eyesight so I dont have to wear them anymore?

Most people only know about artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) for getting clarity. Nearsighted artificial corrections give us clarity but they make the image smaller on the retina.... Read More »

How to Know If You Have Crabs?

Ordinarily found in adults, crab lice are six-legged parasitic creatures that latch onto a person's pubic region. They are also known to affect the armpit hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. According to... Read More »

How many pairs of legs do crabs have?

Crabs have five pairs of legs, though the fifth pair is not used often. The front pair of legs contain claws, the next three pairs are used for walking and the fifth pair is used by females to clea... Read More »