How do cows live?

Answer in a life abundtant with grass and mooing

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Are cows colorblind?

Cows and bulls are not completely colorblind as they do have two types of cones in their eyes. Cattle and other mammals do see some colors and it is believed they see colors similarly to the way a ... Read More »

Do cows get rabies?

Yes, cows can contract rabies, an acute brain infection that is usually fatal. The rabies virus is commonly transmitted through the bite of an infected animal but can also be transmitted through a ... Read More »

How do cows function in the ecosystem?

Cows help butterflies. As large land mammals they have two contributing functions that impact the ecosystem, or biome, in which they live: eating and pooping. These are the best things that the cow... Read More »

Where do cows fit on the food web?

Cows are "primary consumers" on the food web. They are herbivores, or animals that eat only plants. This means that on a food web, cows should be linked to plants below them, with predators such as... Read More »