Do cortisone injections hurt?

Answer Whatever you do, don't buy this "abigail" persons crap. They go around answering question after question, with no real advice just to get a website advertised with weird treatments. I can't give an... Read More »

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Does anyone know the "long term effects" of using Prednisone & Cortisone Injections?

From personal experience:weight gaindry skindry hair/hair breakagenight sweatsinterrupted sleep cyclesosteoporosisunpredictable mood swings (mania and depression)ravenously hungry for junk foodseas... Read More »

Do cortisone shots for kelloids hurt?

Hello Kim: I have had them myself put in my joints. Now mine did burn a little but not near enough to make not want to get another. I have had 3 of the cortisone shots.K Mine were put in my joints... Read More »

Do injections hurt or not?

Why do some injections hurt and others don't?

It depends on the medication. If the PH level of the injection is higher than your bodies PH level then it tends to sting a lot more, also if the vaccine has come strait from a fridge it will sting... Read More »