Do corn stalks attract bees?

Answer Corn stalks have large amounts of pollen, so they naturally attract bees. This helps the pollination process. In most farms, corn is often grown with other companion plants to attract beneficial in... Read More »

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Can the tops of corn stalks be cut off before the corn has developed?

On One Hand: Tassels Make It HappenThe tops of corn stalks--the pale yellow tassels reaching above the green stalk--are responsible for kernel growth because they provide pollen. An ear of corn has... Read More »

What corn has short stalks&big ears of corn?

The showcase variety is a hybrid yellow corn which possesses short stalks and large, 8-inch corn ears. Sweet corn is the type most often grown for fresh eating or canning. This plant has long growi... Read More »

How to Make Artificial Corn Stalks?

If you are producing one of the many Broadway musicals or dramatic stage productions that are set on farms, the time may come where you want to incorporate corn stalks as part of your set dressing.... Read More »

How to Make Pellets That Use Corn Stalks?

Pellet stove users can save money by making their own pellet fuel. Pellet fuel can be made from any organic biomass including corn stalks. Because corn stalks are a byproduct of corn crops and not ... Read More »