Do core ball chairs really work?

Answer On One Hand: Exercise Your Abs While You SitCore ball chairs allow you to work on core muscle strength while working at a desk, reading a book, or watching television. Posture is important when usi... Read More »

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Does just sitting on the core strengthening ball help?

On One Hand: Sitting on the Ball has Several BenefitsMerely sitting on a core strengthening ball forces your body to balance itself. Consequently, your abs are strengthened by the increased effort,... Read More »

A game show contestant won a prize by pushing a bowling ball 20m using her nose The amount of work done is 1470J How much force did the contestant exert on the ball?

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How to Use Patio Chairs Instead of Traditional Kitchen Chairs?

Decorating certain rooms of your house may seem like a no-brainer. When it comes to the kitchen, nearly every kitchen needs a table and chairs. However, using outdoor furniture such as patio chairs... Read More »

How to Work Your Core?

The core of the body is made up of the muscles of your torso and pelvis. Developing a strong core is essential to maintaining good physical condition. Core muscles that are weak can contribute to p... Read More »