Do corded phone have an SAR?

Answer Cordless yes, but relatively minute amounts, to communicate with a base only dozens of feet away, as opposed to a cell phone tower miles away.Corded, none at all.

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Corded phone with headset jack?

Newer desk telephones have a 2.5mm Headset jack. Otherwise, any telephone with a corded handset can use a headset as well, such as:…

Are any corded phones safer than other corded ones?

A simple corded landline phone is completely safe, and operates on the old fashioned analog 2 wire system.. It emits no radiation, or any other harmful products..

What percent of people struck by lightning are using a corded phone?

According to the National Weather Service, 4 percent to 5 percent of people struck by lightning are struck while they're talking on a corded telephone. Electricity can travel through electrical wi... Read More »

Anybody know how program the date and time for a KX-TG1062 Corded panasonic answerng phone?

Download the manual on here, you should be able to find how to set the date and time in there somewhere:…