Do cookies, and caches get stored on your computer if you're using a proxy server?

Answer Yes, the cache and cookies are unique to your computer and are stored locally on your system. The proxy server is just acting as a "gateway" for your Internet access and could potentially "hide" y... Read More »

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Where are cookies stored on the computer?

Internet cookies--files or parts of files shared between an Internet user's computer and website servers for various reasons including identification, authentication and tracking purposes--are non-... Read More »

Where are cookies stored on my Vista computer?

Cookies are stored in Windows Vista in the "Cookies" folder, which is located under your home folder (the folder under "Users" named after your Windows user name. The full path to the folder is "C:... Read More »

Proxy server and normal server?

A proxy server basically forwards your request on your behalf, for a webpage, file or whatever, to the server that holds the information you requested.So it goes from you to the proxy to the reques... Read More »

What is proxy server?

It is used yo hide your IP.Typical situation when you use your browser: - You are - The server you are talking to is - You ask a server to give you it's content - It gives ... Read More »