Do contacts hurt?

Answer No no no.Let's see, I've had mine for a about 6 months and they're no problem. Well right when you first get them, (for me the contacts guy put them in for me,) it feels sooo weird and scratchy. Bu... Read More »

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Do contacts hurt at all?

Nah, contacts aren't really a big deal. I can't even feel them in my eyes, and they're not a hassle to put in or take out. I'm pretty sure colored contacts would require the same care as regular co... Read More »

Do contacts hurt you eyes?

They don't unless you don't keep them clean. They can cause irritation and infections if you don't use appropriate products for maintenance. If you plan to use them, remember wash your hands everyt... Read More »

Does it hurt to put contacts in?

If you put them on inside -out .... yeah it hurts.But other than that, no. It feels odd, but not bad. LOL

Contacts hurt really bad.?

That could be multiple problemsFirstly, you should try to rub your contacts with solution, even if the bottle says "No-Rub" Just put a small amount of solution in one palm as well as the contact, ... Read More »