Do computers slow down over time because of the wear on the actual components?

Answer yes it wouldthe only hardware component that would slow down a computer do to age that i know of would be the hard drive(because the hard drive has movable parts they do wear down with age, much as... Read More »

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Does shuting down my computer at night and starting it up every morning wear out the computers components>?

they say that turn off and on can damage the arm inside the hard drive with can result in "blue screen of death"

Why do computers slow down over time?

It is a common occurrence for a new computer to not operate nearly as fast as the day you first set it up after using it for a few months. This gradual slowness has a variety of causes, from clutte... Read More »

My laptop is running really slow i have run a defrag disc cleaner spy wear and anti virus but it is still slow?

You should have an anti-spyware solution on your computer. I recommend that you go to and get AD-AWARE and SpyBot Search & Destory. Install, run, update and scan your comput... Read More »

Slow Cooker Components?

A slow cooker is a countertop appliance that cooks foods over a long period of time at a very low temperature. It is simply constructed, has few components, no mechanical parts and is safe to use o... Read More »