Do computers slow down over time because of the wear on the actual components?

Answer yes it wouldthe only hardware component that would slow down a computer do to age that i know of would be the hard drive(because the hard drive has movable parts they do wear down with age, much as... Read More »

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Why do computers slow down over time?

It is a common occurrence for a new computer to not operate nearly as fast as the day you first set it up after using it for a few months. This gradual slowness has a variety of causes, from clutte... Read More »

Does shuting down my computer at night and starting it up every morning wear out the computers components>?

they say that turn off and on can damage the arm inside the hard drive with can result in "blue screen of death"

What causes computers to slow down over the years?

If your talking why does your computer slow up after you have it for a few years, It's alot of junk that is collected and changed as the years go on. There are all kinds of expensive programs avail... Read More »

Why does a computer slow down over time?

Computers are complex machines that consist of many interconnected parts that must work together to function properly, and performance can decline over time due to a variety of hardware and softwar... Read More »