Do computers really wear out, or destroy from being turned off?

Answer unless my laptop gets too hot I leave it on.....but that's just me....

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If you destroy all the computers and servers in the world, will the internet disappear?

Since the Internet is by definition a network of computers and servers; yes. This is the absolute, unavoidable, and incontrovertible true answer.

How do I find out what computers are turned on in my network LAN?

Theirs lots of things you can do, most of the solutions will require a little coding on your part and no need to use 3rd party software either.Do you possess any coding or scripting skills?

Are contact lenses unsafe for kids and teens to wear Does it destroy their eyes and make it worse?

No, of course that isn't true.Millions have been wearing them for years and years with no problems.Problems can arise from misuse, over wearing, lack of proper hygene...but that isn't the fault of ... Read More »

How can you be on the show destroy build destroy?