Do computer scanners need ink to scan photographs?

Answer scanners dnt use ink as no output is formed in the form of hard copy , these just form the image

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If I buy a scanner and scan 200 photographs on to my computer - where can I get them professionally printed?

Once you have them scanned onto your computer as jpeg files they will be treated just like any file out of a digital camera. You can get them printed anywhere that accepts digital files to print, w... Read More »

Which Scanners Will Scan Negatives & Slides?

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When attempting to scan to a computer using the scan to function on the front panel, a No Scan Options?

Have you tried uninstalling your scanner and then installing again? Try this and see if it helps if not call or go to a nearby electronic store (Best Buy, CirCuit City) and ask them why is your sca... Read More »

Are there scanners that can scan 5000 pages per hour?

Why not ask one of those businesses that you're writing your paper on? Or look up the info on their websites?